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Travel magazine: Slovakia 2011

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Publisher: The Rock; 2011
Pages: 200

This edition of Spectacular Slovakia includes a list of the Top 50 tourist spots in the Slovak Republic, as recommended by the guide's authors.

Printed in full colour across 200 pages, Spectacular Slovakia uses text and original photographs to describe 296 places in Slovakia. Information about particular regions is supplemented by more than 160 unique full-colour photos.

This edition also contains an exclusive 26-page photo-story entitled "Yuri Dojc's Love Song to Slovakia" (Ľúbostná pieseň Yuriho Dojca pre Slovensko) by the world-famous Canadian photographer of Slovak origin Yuri Dojc. Unique photographs from his travels are reproduced alongside extracts from original Slovak folk songs, and their English translations.

Besides the main articles the publication includes also contact details for hotels, spas, aquaparks, ski resorts, castles, caves and other tourist sites. Spectacular Slovakia offers you all the information you need to really explore Slovakia.

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