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Travel magazine: Slovakia 2012

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Publisher: The Rock; 2012
Pages: 200

This edition of the Spectacular Slovakia travel magazine presents well and less-known tourist destinations in Slovakia, enriched by the experience of both national and foreign writers.

It also contains an exclusive 24-page photo-story entitled “ Hidden in the Middle ” by Chris Steele-Perkins – member of the prestigious photographic agency Magnum Photos and holder of several international awards. Mr. Steele-Perkins, a British photographer of world renown, can through his lens - usually in a single shot - capture more vitality, mystery and depth than could be contained in thousands of words. This famous photographer wasn’t visiting Slovakia for the first time – he had the opportunity to get acquainted with our country in 2004, when he took photographs for a project mapping the 10 new countries of the European Union. Perkins said: “Some things had changed: there were whole new parts to Bratislava, but culturally, in the large sense of the word, it remained the same”.

The authors of this edition have chosen a new approach to guide readers around the country’s most interesting tourist sites: rather than follow the official administrative divisions of Slovakia they have created 18 tourism “hubs” or bases. These each have considerable tourism potential, featuring various spas, wellness centres, golf courses, and other tourist attractions. Traditionally, the publication contains contact details for a wide range of touristic attractions and offers all the information necessary to discover Slovakia.

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