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eSpectator is a service that is part of the PIANO project, and which provides you with:

  • Immediate access to all locked articles (premium content) on spectator.sme.sk
  • A PDF version of the latest issue of our newspaper, The Slovak Spectator, emailed directly to you (26 issues a year)
  • Access to all premium content on other news/media websites that are also part of the PIANO project in Slovakia

The Slovak Spectator is now part of PIANO, a premium content gateway that, for €3.90 a month, gives you immediate access to premium content and services on the biggest Slovak news websites. By joining the PIANO network we've been able to lower our prices for access to our premium content, and at the same time give our readers access to the locked content offered by other Slovak publishers and television stations who are also part of the PIANO network.

Subscribers to the print version of The Slovak Spectator are also granted access to all content on spectator.sme.sk as part of their subscription.

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Comprehensive (ENG/SK) travel guide of Košice region.
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Lost in Bratislava? Impossible with this City Guide!
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Your key to understanding the Slovak business environment.
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Over 1,000 company and institutional contacts.
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Explore Slovak labour market trends and human resources in the wider EU context.
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This issue includes a photo essay from Yuri Dojč.
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This issue includes a photo essay from Chris Perkins.
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Slovak news you can trust. Bi-weekly newspaper
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