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The Slovak Spectator is Slovakia’s only English-language newspaper. It is published monthly on 16-20 pages by The Rock, s.r.o. publishing house and has brought news to its readers continuously since 1995.

The ALL Inclusive subscription includes:

  • The Slovak Spectator monthly newspaper with a news overview and analyses
  • A PDF version of The Slovak Spectator emailed to you monthly
  • Our annual publications (Career & Employment Guide, Investment Advisory Guide, and Book of Lists) that come out during your subscription period
  • Digital data which you will receive on a weekly basis directly to your e-mail:
    • a special weekly news summary
    • an audio recording with a weekly news summary or a special podcast to listen to at your convenience
  • Unlimited access to all content on, and + online content from our annual publications

Save up to €37 off what you would pay for the PRINT Plus and ONLINE Plus subscriptions separately over a 2-year period, shipped within Slovakia! The ALL Inclusive plan offers similar savings on subscriptions to other countries.

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