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Investment Guide

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Publisher: The Rock; 2016
Pages: 84

Your key to understanding the Slovak business environment and its challenges.

The content of the Investment Advisory Guide (84 pages) provides well-arranged information about the economy, the labour market, support for investors, legislation, and real estate as well as investment opportunities in Slovakia. Part of the guide also contains larger analyses of the automotive industry, innovation and R&D, smart cities and startups as well as of the law firm market, with more detailed information on the most important of them. Simultaneously within this section are published the rankings of the largest law firms in Slovakia.

Slovakia’s proximity to major European countries, its role as a logistics crossroads, a well-trained and productive labour force, eurozone membership, traditions in engineering and a well developed sub-supplier network are among the advantages business leaders cite. However, lower overall taxes and payroll taxes, deregulation and more predictability would make doing business easier and would potentially lead to more jobs.

The yearbook traditionally contains a wealth of statistics, for example, the regional comparison of wages, unemployment, structure of industry, real estate prices and an overview of the largest companies in individual regions. Readers are provided with up-to-date contact information for consulting companies, developers, real estate agencies, architectural services, construction firms as well as a special table describing law firms in Slovakia and the major cases they have handled.

Table of Contents: Investment Guide 2017/2018

Investment Advisory Guide 2017/2018 is available directly in the reception of Petit Press at Lazaretská 12 in Bratislava, at our Online Shop, and at selected shop locations of Interpress, Mediaprint Kapa.

For information about advertising opportunities in the Investment Advisory Guide 2018/19 (to be published in November 2018), please contact our Sales Department at +421 2 5923 3300 or at spectator@spectator.sk.

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