Travel guide: TRENCIN region

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Publisher: The Rock; 2018
Pages: 112

The first detailed 110-page tour guide on the Trenčín Region (in Slovak and English) contains landmarks, practical information, 3D animations, many articles and more than 250 photographs. The practical pocket size is enriched with a folding map.

The Trenčín region guide not only profiles castles, museums and other lesser-known attractions, but also the stories of people behind these places.
This guide will offer you the best viewpoints of the city and take you to thrilling places where you can get a taste of the Trenčín region. See the world from a horse saddle, experience Christmas in July, look at the country from a bird's eye view or go to the underground.

An international team of journalists who travelled around the region and provide information based on their own experience contributed to the publication. The title is based on the travel edition of Spectacular Slovakia.

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About the edition Spectacular Slovakia:
The Spectacular Slovakia edition, originally in English, was launched in 1996 as a specialized magazine attachment of The Slovak Spectator. Every year, a foreign journalist was invited to Slovakia, who got to know our country by lugging around a big travel book about Slovakia. This changed in 2011, when several authors from Slovakia and abroad, including photographers Yuri Dojč and Chris Perkins, contributed to the event.
In 2013, there was a modification of the design to today's book form with a practical pocket size. Spectacular Slovakia contains two titles in Slovak: Slovakia - book guide, Guide - Nitra; English-Slovak publications Košice region / Košický region, Bratislava region / Bratislava region, Trenčín region) and titles in English: Bratislava City Guide, Nitra City Guide and Slovakia - travel guide.

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