Slovak news you can trust.

The Slovak Spectator is Slovakia’s only English-language newspaper. It is published monthly on 16-20 pages by The Rock, s.r.o. publishing house and has brought news to its readers continuously since 1995. It covers local news, culture and business.
The company also publishes three special publications: the Book of Lists business directory and comprehensive guides to the investment environment (Investment Advisory Guide) and human resources (Career & Employment Guide) in Slovakia as well as the acclaimed Spectacular Slovakia (travel guide edition) that appear throughout the year.
Another feature of the publishing house is the biggest online news portal about Slovakia in English.

Our History

The Rock s.r.o. was founded in 1995 to fulfill a specific, important role in Slovakia's development as an independent member of the international community. As Slovakia was becoming more widely known in the world, the world was eager for more information about this young state located in Central Europe on the border of East and West. But for someone who does not read or speak Slovak, precious little information is available. Since English is increasingly the language of global communication, it is vital for the world's and Slovakia's understanding of each other that there be an English-language medium to promote this mutual awareness.

The idea for The Slovak Spectator found its roots in late October 1994. Richard Lewis, Daniel J. Stoll and Rick Zedník were working for The Slovak Mirror, an eight-page monthly English-language newspaper that lasted three issues. They believed the Slovak market could support a larger English-language newspaper published more frequently. Along with Eric Koomen, they founded The Rock (publishing house), which was officially registered as a limited liability company (spol. s r.o.) on January 3, 1995. Lewis and Zedník were co-editors, Stoll the business manager and Koomen the financial manager. They decided to start with a 12-page bi-weekly.